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Olga RK Testimonial

olga testimonial athlete 20xx review

I'm really loving the program, I'm going through a rehabilitation process after a dance accident, I've been making enormous progress and your program has been great help throughout the process as well :) I have been enjoying it a lot!

A few years back I had a dance accident and have been experiencing some aches and discomfort in my body since then, For the past three months I’ve been going for a lot of physiotherapy to further help with the healing process, around the same time I decided to join VAHVA’s Athlete program, I’ve fond it to be immensely beneficial throughout my recovery.

I quickly started feeling greater stability and control within my body, something as simple as going up the stairs felt different, suddenly it was effortless, more of my body was engaged too, also a wobble that I had on my left knee is now gone.

This whole situation has really helped me to get extremely in tune with my body, so what I find interesting is that after doing VAHVA’s training I literally feel my muscles reacting and readjusting themselves, if that makes sense. 

I never found myself to be overworked or strained in any kind of way, and that feels amazing too. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone!