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Karen Dubi Testimonial

Karen Dubi testimonial Athlete 20XX

I somehow stumbled upon a Youtube video called, “12 Hardest Animal Movements” featuring Eero and Vahva Fitness, and I immediately thought, I WANT TO LEARN HOW TO MOVE LIKE THAT!!

I am a Yoga teacher and have a deep appreciation for locomotive movement.
I purchased the Movement 20XX program and was so impressed with the format and break down of movements for each exercise.

Clearly, dynamic movement and mobility are at the heart of Movement 20XX. I love the primal animal-like flow and how it compliments my yoga practice with strength and stability. It is super fun and an effective method of exercise, body awareness, concentration and coordination. The Movement 20XX was the start of my new-found-love for body weight training and has served as a stepping-stone for Athlete 20XX.

Despite my concerns that weight training would hinder my flexibility and range of motion, I decided to give Athletic 20XX a try. I am so glad I did! This program is the most intelligent strength program. I love that it is not based on heavy-loaded weight training, but rather a refined muscle recruitment that builds functional strength. The progressive phases and variety of the program, makes the daily routines really easy to follow.

Movement 20XX and Athletic 20XX work synergistically for me. The strength and endurance from the Athletic 20XX program fires up my muscles and the Movement 20XX compliments the strength while maintaining mobility, agility and joint articulation.

Before these programs, I had been experiencing shoulder instability that was causing discomfort. I have strengthened my scapula and the surrounding muscle groups, gained much more stability, and best of all, I am pain free!

These two programs harmonize dynamic movement and strength training in a most efficient way. They build power, endurance and a natural freedom flow of body movement. I love Eero’s style and methodology of teaching, and I love the format and design of the programs. I highly recommend both!!

Karen Dubi, United States.