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Jari Peiponen Testimonial

BJJ review testimonial

I am a lifelong athlete. I have trained floorball, boxing, Hapkido, currently Brazilian jiujitsu and I have been complimenting these hobbies with weight training, yoga, running, cycling, swimming, you name it! Recently I decided to start lifting some weights again since it does prevent injuries I get from hard sparring in BJJ.

Last time I lifted I got really stiff and my cardio went down so I didn't touch barbells in years. I decided to give Athlete 20XX a try since it emphazises on athleticism not just bulking up like most weight lifting programs. After the first session of phase 1 I was sold since I noticed how weak my hip muscles are (they are very important in BJJ!). Also I noticed that my core muscles and hip mobility were not as good as I thought they were. Improving these areas will help me to be a better grappler and also way more healthier since I have lower back issues.

The stability training of phase 2 is also something new to me. I have done basic planks and core exercises but never done such exercises to hips, legs etc. These really carry on to my performance and are something I will continue to work on more.

The concept of focusing on your muscles and connecting with your mind has really carried on also to my grappling and I have gained more precise movements. This is an important factor of training which is not included in average Joes gym program!

My goal is to achieve good overall fitness and most importantly a healthy body. Athlete 20XX makes me realize weak parts of my body and forces me to work on them every week. That is something I have never done and should have done 10 years ago. But better late then never and I can recommend Athlete 20xx to anyone who wants to get into good shape!