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Develop an Athletic Physique from Zero to Hero.


Meet Your Coach

Hello! This is Eero Westerberg and I will be your athletic coach for this program! Athlete 20XX is the exact same program with the exact same exercises and routines that I am personally using to train myself and coach my clients. 

This program is for anyone that wants to reach their fullest human potential in fitness and develop a physique that not only radiates power and respect but that can also perform at a high level! 

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Full Body Workout Method

A perfect mix of bodyweight and weight training as well as a combination of traditional and untraditional exercises. 

From Beginner to Elite Level

3 different phases ensure you start from the basics and work your way up. Step-by-step you will come closer to the highest ideal.

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Build an Athletic Physique

Build a lean physique that is covered in dense muscle and has all the athletic attributes: strength, speed, power, stability, mobility and balance.

Join the League of Athletes

What is an athlete?

Never feel physically disadvantaged again

THE Next generation training with a new methodology

An ambitious attempt to turn an ordinary person into an athlete

A Great investment for people of all ages, male & female

Develop a physique that radiates power.

Replace Your Typical Gym Routine.

It's time to raise the standards and demand a higher-level physique.

Athlete 20XX doesn't take any more time than a typical gym workout, but the results are vastly different.

Why waste time on a typical gym routine when you can achieve more with the same amount of work? 


Gym Workout

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Athleticism (power, stability and mobility)



Fat loss



Improvement in posture



Dense muscle

Complete leg training

Athletic core training

Enjoy the Benefits

  • Build athleticism
  • Develop movement quality
  • Increase your speed and power
  • Build strength and mobility 
  • Develop stability and ability to balance
  • Lose body fat and build dense muscle

Three 4-Week Programs

Phase 1 (Beginner)


This foundational phase builds great levels of strength, mobility and range-of-motion in all articulations of the body so you can thrive in the following phases.

This involves 4-weeks of workouts that can be repeated as many times you need (probably more than once).

Phase 2 (Intermediate)


This phase develops astonishing levels of stability in every part of your body. This stability training will make you faster and stronger beyond belief. 

You will also develop your ability to balance to the highest level. This phase consists of the most intense core training available (we aren't sure if you'll even survive!).

Phase 3 (Advanced)


Alright. Now you should have strength, mobility, stability, balance and unbeatable core strength. 

It's time to turn all of your muscles into pure power and add speed. Once you complete this phase, you sir / ma'am, are a beast.

​​​​Easy to Use & User-Friendly

Athlete 20XX is an online program which is accessible on any device with an internet connection.

Every exercise is in a HD video format with clear step-by-step instructions.

Workout routines and scheduling are built in the system. There are three 4-week programs (12 weeks in total).

Browse and watch the videos on any device. Videos are downloadable for offline use.

  • Works on all computers, tablets and phones.
  • For all difficulty levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.
  • Includes an easy-to-follow weekly schedule with the workouts and routines.
athlete 20xx athlete20xx athlete 20xx program vahva fitness eero westerberg
athlete 20xx athlete20xx athlete training program athlete physique athletic program athletic routine
athlete 20xx athlete20xx athlete training program athlete physique athletic program athletic routine
  • Get access to 99 HD videos.
  • Athlete 20XX is a full workout system with HD videos, effective workouts, complete routines and weekly workout schedules.
  • For all fitness levels, all ages and genders!
Athlete 20XX athlete20xx athletic program athlete program athlete routine

Athlete 20XX in Numbers


HD videos


Weeks of workouts

35 min

The average workout


Workouts per week

Do you have a question or need help? Contact our friendly support.

Eero Westerberg VAHVA Fitness

 Eero Westerberg 

  • I welcome you to join this amazing journey and transform your physique!

Athlete 20XX took years to develop and I only wish I had done this type of training sooner. I traveled around the world in Europe, Asia and Australia for two years searching for knowledge, researching the subject and experimenting with myself and my clients. 

Athlete 20XX is the system I have used to reach my current level of fitness and I'm still continuing to use it to jump to the next level. Now I want to share it with the public and allow others to enjoy the benefits.

Let's break through limitations and aim for the stars. Join me and let's do this together!

Nils Wittfoot Athlete 20XX

 Nils Wittfoot 
31, PT, Germany

  • My expectations for the new Athlete 20XX program were pretty high. And what can I say: Eero and his team delivered!

I've been following Eero's work for almost 3 years now. I'm enjoying his content a lot and he teaches more than you can find in any book. I have been using and I am still using his Movement 20XX course today. Before that, I used to be a "lift heavy“ kinda guy but Eero totally changed my approach to fitness. 

So my expectations for the new Athlete20XX were pretty high. And what can I say: Eero and his team delivered! 

The things you will find in this program are so valuable and even more than I expected. Its a way of fitness that can pick you up from wherever you currently are, beginner or advanced, you will get a lot out of it. The video tutorials are made very clear to understand so you always know what to do. 

I'm 100% sure that if you stick with the program you will: get faster, become stronger and more athletic, more flexible and mobile and also you are training for longevity and not just for a short pump!

Athlete 20XX review athlete20xx review testimonial

 Matt Cook 
30, Australia

  • I would not hesitate to say this is Eero's best work yet, and his previous work is already leagues above courses of other teachers.

I am one of Eero's private coaching students and I had the opportunity to try the course before launch. Here are my thoughts. 

You're definitely getting a high quality course. No doubt about it. I would not hesitate to say this is Eero's best work yet, and his previous work is already leagues above courses of other teachers. 

It's important to realize that Eero's teachings are literally world class. It's quite possibly the best advice you can find today.

As I'm writing this, I'm not sure what price he's making the course available for, but I can assure you it'll be a bargain compared to what it's worth. Even a thousand dollars would be worth it. 

His teachings have helped me eliminate a lot of pain and move much, much better.

Bottom line, you will be very happy with this course.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are here to help and provide you with the best tools and methods to transform your body. If you aren't getting results with Athlete 20XX within the first 30 days after purchase, we will offer you a full refund.

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Athlete 20XX comes with our full support: we are always available to answer any questions and help you with the program! You can contact us here.


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